• Pastor Chiquita Weathersby, I want to thank you for the awesome words you spoke into my life at the Women’s Conference. Those words lifted, delivered, cleansed, set free, empowered, blessed, changed, and inspired me. I am a new person in Christ because of you. You were intentionally sent here just for me. Although there were many excellent speakers, your words were meant for me specifically. I can’t thank you enough for the deliverance that took place in me. I will forever feast off of the manna you gave. I am now able to move forward, press forward towards the mark of the prize of the high calling in Christ Jesus. I also gained some spiritual sisters through you. Thank you for making it possible for me to live and see Ephesians 3:20, “Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,” continuously in my life. I love you to life, spiritual auntie. Love Always. - Tawanda A. (I received this testimony after teaching on the book at a Women's Conference.)

  • I wanted to tell you what an amazingly talented writer you are. Your book is the best piece I've edited since leaving newspapers 11 years ago. I know many people who have awesome testimonies that are anointed to bring deliverance, but none that have recorded them as well as you have. This book is anointed for great deliverance, no doubt, but you've penned it with all the talent of a master novelist. I sincerely hope this isn't your last book because you are a remarkable storyteller. I love you!!! - Kierra V.

  • Thank you so much for this remarkable masterpiece. I happened to be a first time visitor and received this book as a gift. To say it is truly thee best gift I have ever received would be an understatement. I am an avid reader and this was one of the best books I have read in my life. From the moment I opened it, it spoke volumes in my life, past and present. You never think anyone else is going through what you are, or has been where you’ve been. Especially, not the First Lady of a church. Everyone expects your life to be together. So, again, thank you Pastor Chiquita for sharing this with me. Because of your book, I truly am inspired and now know, my current situation is definitely not my final destination. Galatians 5:22, But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness... - Lynn T.

  • Pastor Chiquita P. Weathersby your book is a blessing. Thanks so much for being a blessing!!! - Pastor Vonda T.

  • I was wondering if you would have a private moment one day to speak to me? I’m just tired and don’t know where else to turn. I have to be strong for everyone, but I have run out of strength, and no one cares, loves, or supports me. I know God loves me, but I’m really tired of being alone. I just would like to talk if you are ever free. I know you are a busy woman, but from the things I’ve read and heard about you, I don't believe you will judge me, but hopefully offer me some type of encouragement before it’s the end for me. I’m so tired and I can’t sleep. I have attended your church the last two Sundays in hopes to join, but my last church “***” has me scared to give myself to another church. Well, to any mega church, where speaking to my pastor is like trying to get an autograph from a major celebrity. My phone number is *** if you happen to call today. If not, my email address is ***.com. I still think you are awesome if this doesn’t reach you in time, and your story does inspire me, as I’m sure it does others. - Name not revealed to public.

  • This book was so relatable. Almost as if I wrote it myself, because I share most of this testimony. It truly is a book of healing and deliverance! Thank you Pastor Chiquita for being open and honest. Your transparency restores hope that we too can be set free! - Bridgett D.

  • Thank you for sharing your testimony. You never know who has, or currently is, going through the same thing and needs to see or hear this!❤️ - Lynn G.

  • Chapter 1 is where Total Breakthrough happened for me! This is not the kind of book you brag about buying! This is the book you brag about READING! Pastor Chiquita P. Weathersby, it all makes so much sense!!! I'm not happy you went through, but I'm overjoyed that you've shared your journey with us. Chapter 1 has to be read more than 6 times before you read the rest of the book. Prayer and fasting have taken on a deeper meaning for me during this season as I channel through MY COMBAT ZONES, tearing down embargoes from my past. I love the sound of chains falling away from me! Because of chapter 1...I AM NOT CONCERNED ABOUT WHO KNOWS!!!! It's amazing...I thought people no longer wanted to fellowship with me...it was the enemy attempting to make me self-destruct! Pastor...the Lord used you to release me to once again Live, Love, and LAUGH! Love ya much. #ReadingChapterOneAgain - Melonie P.

  • I read the book in 1.5 days. It was a blessing and encouraging. You can feel God's comfort while reading...time for her to get started on the next one. - My Daughter's Co-Worker

  • No More Chains grabbed me on the first chapter. The author instantly provided me with comfort, knowing that I am not alone in my struggles. The strength and bravery to share her story so that others may find peace is inspirational. Many of us suffer in silence, especially those of us in leadership roles. My favorite quote is, "leading, while BLEEDING." We try so hard to hide our stories, afraid it will make us appear weak. The author shows us that sharing our stories actually makes us strong. I felt God's love through her words and hope that myself and other readers can live without chains in our own lives. - Michelle M.

  • This book is sooo good, I didn't want to put it down! - Jennifer J.

  • I read the entire book, and I have to say, it is a must read. I couldn't put it down. Pastor Quita opens her entire life's struggles to the reader. Her honesty and courage inspires me daily, but to see her words in black and white gives them so much more power. Thank you for being the gift God made you to be!!!! - John K.

  • I was so excited to bless others with their own copy, because the pages are filled with God's power of deliverance. Thank you! - Leontine M.

  • No More Chains...as I read this book, it pushes me to go deeper in what kept me quiet for so long. Inspiring me to know that I can let go and that God's love has been, and is always with me. Digesting every word, so impactful in my life. It made me deal with a lot that I didn't want to face in order to receive mental and spiritual healing from things that I kept secret...hidden. I had to write, write, and write some more. Cry, scream, and yell, but it brought clarity, emotional, and spiritual healing. I noticed that what you've been through or even going through is not just for you, but to help someone else. To know someone has gone through similar situations is such an eye opener for me, and brings a sense of peace and comfort to know that I too can get through it. No More Chains is not only a page turner, but it will push you to get those hidden bondages out so you can move forward in who God has called you to be. I realized that I cannot take old baggage with me into my new season. It is inspiring me to be open and transparent in order to receive complete healing. I am thankful for Pastor Quita in being so transparent in this book, sharing not only her testimony, but allowing God to use her to bring healing and clarity to so many women and men. A MUST READ!!! - Kyonne G.

  • "NO MORE CHAINS," My God!! As I waited to allow the Holy Spirit to give me what to say about this book, one thing stuck out to me. My rejection was set for my protection! So many people deal with rejection, and are held captive for so long, because they simply don't know how to be set free! Thank you for being transparent in your discovery and redemption to being set free and helping others to be set free from REJECTION! You are such a POWERFUL woman of God and I'm truly honored to have you as a spiritual mother! Thank you for helping me and others release our chains. Love you much!!! - Chris H.

  • As I was growing up, I always felt less than my peers. I always asked myself, "why was I born?" I've read Pastor Quita's book, No More Chains three times, and I finally see what I was dealing with all along--Chapter Three - The Leah Complex. Now I see it was never about me (Leah); it was all about what God was getting through me (Leah), and it came in the form of a son (Judah), which means PRAISE! This time, I will praise the Lord (Genesis 29:35). Since reading this book, I have experienced a paradigm shift in my life in the way I think, and how I see myself! This book is truly a chain breaker for the Kingdom of Heaven. - Katrina B.

  • Thanks Pastor Quita for your obedience to move forward in writing this book! I couldn't put it down, read entire book in one setting! Page 101, truly has blessed me indeed! Thank you! Thank you! I love you! - Yetta L.

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